Beautiful Barn Wood Table in Dining Room

Imagine having a table that has its own history. You can look at it and immediately see old nail holes and other marks that give it distinctive character and charm you won’t find in new wood. Choosing a barn wood table for any area of your home gives you a truly historical furniture piece that will impress guests and add functionality.

Elements of Maryland Wood Countertop’s design process include:

  • Picking out the wood species
  • Selecting the size and shape
  • Determining the construction style
  • Choosing your edges
  • Applying the right finish

Barn Wood Table Material

When it comes to a barn wood table, reclaimed wood is the most common building material. Reclaimed oak is one of the more popular species. Depending upon whether it’s red or white oak, each piece will have different color variations and textures, giving your table a unique look. Our designers take your reclaimed wood ideas into account, allowing our custom woodworkers to make them a reality.

Size and Shape

Barn wood tables sizes vary depending your room’s space, how many people you need your table to hold, and even your unique needs. We can build small or large tables with ease. Tell our designers and builders the exact size you want, and we’ll build it for you.

Your table’s shape is also a big part of the design process. A large round table can be any room’s perfect centerpiece, while a small square table may be perfect fit for a small dining room or kitchen. You may want it to be in the shape of an octagon, oval, or rectangle. With many wood design options available, we can create the perfect barn wood table for your specific needs.


Solid slabs or bookmatch slabs are made of full-width tree slabs and can be turned into beautiful pieces of furniture. End grain construction style is made of hundreds of different pieces of wood and is also known as a butcher block. Edge grain is similar, using less wood pieces but providing a tough, reliable choice for many people. Flat grain offers an affordable option, as it uses the least amount of waste.


When you have a custom table, even small details can make a big difference your table’s overall look. Working with custom artisans allows you to choose various edge types for your new furniture. A roundover edge will not be as sharp as other edges, while a deco edge can be a fancy choice that will add a sophisticated accent. Talk to with our designers to see what type of edge will work best for you.


To complete your table, Maryland Wood Countertop’s woodworkers add one of many finishes depending upon your needs. You can choose a finish that will make your table stain resistant, or one that enhances the wood’s color variations. We also have finishes that make your wood waterproof and heat-resistant.

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Team up with Maryland Wood Countertops to make the perfect barn wood table for your home. We can create a design centered around your unique specifications. Whether you want a small end table or a large table to become the focal point of any room, choose us for your custom wood solutions.

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