Example of Artistic Wood Countertops in a White KitchenHave you ever looked at your old kitchen and imagined it with new artistic wood countertops? You can make that vision a reality when you choose custom wood countertops made in the USA. When you commission Maryland Wood Countertops to build your countertops, you get master woodworkers and the assistance of an award-winning design team.

What Makes a Countertop Artistic?

What constitutes “artistic” will vary from client to client. Some clients love our traditional wood countertops, while others prefer sleek and modern styles. As you can see on our Projects pages, we’ve built many countertops, islands and custom furniture in any style you could want.

Clients have described our countertops as functional art pieces. Even utilitarian butcher block creates an upscale look to your kitchen. Butcher block, in fact, is one of our specialties. We’ve built simple and intricate butcher block countertops and islands, and clients are pleased to discover that butcher block becomes even more attractive over time.

For some clients, artistic wood countertops mean rustic bookmatch solid slab countertops. Other clients love the natural distressed beauty of reclaimed wood for their countertops. All of our countertops, including those built from live edge slabs or reclaimed wood, are aesthetic and functional.

Traditional Artistic Wood Countertops

A traditional wood countertop built by hand is always a thing of beauty. Artistic wood countertops can be made from common, popular hardwoods, and they can be simple in style. Commonly used hardwoods are preferred by woodworkers because they’re easy to work with and versatile. The most commonly used hardwoods are also those best suited for use in the kitchen.

Top Three Hardwoods for Countertops and Other Projects:

  • Oak In a word: strong. Best when you need the toughest hardwood available for your countertops. Ideal for bars.
  • Chestnut In the same family as oak and has similar strength. Great for indoor and outdoor projects.
  • Walnut Works in every style kitchen and blends well with all décors due to its natural color variations. Suitable for almost any custom home furnishing.

Creating Your Perfect Countertops

Wood species, construction style and finishing options for your countertops are ultimately up to you. Our design team will help you understand woodworking terms, the best hardwoods for your needs and design amenities to help you make the most of your countertops.

Popular Countertop Construction Styles:

  • Bookmatch slabs/solid slabs
  • End grain
  • Flat grain/Premium wide plank
  • Edge grain

Some construction styles are best for small wood countertops. Others are choices for usable food preparation sources. If you’re interested in expanding your meal preparation space and adding beauty and interest to your kitchen, your best bet is butcher block.

Butcher block surfaces can be built from long strips of wood forming a vertical surface. This is called end grain construction. Butcher block can also be constructed from scrap wood shaped down into cubes. The latter construction method is edge grain and is the checkerboard design you may associate with butcher block.

Flat grain or premium wide plank is exactly what it sounds like. We combine multiple boards to make a countertop with the boards’ face as the surface. If expense is a concern, flat grain is the least expensive countertop style. It’s as visually appealing and sturdy as any other style.

Combining Styles

You may love more than one countertop style. Many of our clients have combined two styles to create the ultimate unique artistic wood countertops. You may want a large butcher block inset in your flat grain countertop to maximize usable space. You may, as we do, find the idea of creating usable art with wood intriguing.

Custom artistic wood countertops can give your kitchen the upscale look you want. Call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to speak to someone from our design team about combining art and function in your kitchen countertops.