One of the greatest family heirlooms parents and grandparents can pass down through the family is the kitchen table. Custom kitchen tables make regular family meals appealing again. They also make holiday get-togethers even more special. A custom wood table will bring an upscale feel to your kitchen, and your family will treasure it for generations.

What Defines Quality Custom Kitchen Tables?

We Offer Beautiful Custom Kitchen Tables!When you’re looking at custom kitchen tables, make sure that they’re made in the USA. When you buy furniture made in the USA, you will get superior custom service. We stay in touch with you from your first email or phone call to the end of your project. You can always call us after your project is completed if you have any concerns.

If you’re in or near the Arbutus, Maryland area, you can visit our working woodshop and showroom. You’ll be able to see our master craftspeople at work. You can also see and touch samples of the high quality hardwoods we’ll use to build your table.

Our people and our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility make our custom kitchen tables the best available. Our woodworking and design team have years of experience and are like family. We work together to bring you the custom wood furnishings that enhance your home and meet your needs.

Why is Environmental Responsibility Important?

Practicing environmental responsibility helps bring you lumber that would normally go into the waste stream. We use trees cut down in urban logging projects and reclaimed wood from old houses, barns and businesses. Using lumber from urban logging and reclaimed wood meets the needs of our customers and keeps valuable wood from being wasted in landfills.

I’m Interested in Rustic Tables

To get the best quality custom kitchen tables, homeowners should understand some basic industry terminology and know the difference between:

  • Bookmatch slabs
  • Solid slabs
  • Live edge slabs

Bookmatch slabs are two halves of a slab put together to form a mirror image. Solid slabs are an entire piece of lumber cut from a log. Live edge slabs have the natural uneven edge of the tree, including some bark.

All of these types of slabs can be used to make solid, rustic tables. Tables built from these slabs are best suited to log-cabin style homes. They’re heavy, hard and can stand up to rough daily use.

If you like the look of bookmatch slabs but want traditional edges, you can choose:

  • Eased edge (traditional straight edge with squared-off corners)
  • 1/4 roundover (gently rounded edge, comfortable, good for kids)
  • Tabletop classic (rounded with a little fluted edge at the top)

These are the three most common edge styles. There are many other edge variations.

I’m Interested in Traditional Tables

Do you have a table with a gorgeous base and a heavily worn surface? We can build a new traditional table that looks perfect with your existing base. 

Would you like a traditional kitchen table with a modern touch? Consider a table that fits against your island. They’re convenient because they extend the length of your island. All you have to do is stand up to reach serving bowls on your island.

The most important characteristic of a custom kitchen table is that it meets your needs and is built by master woodworkers. Whatever style you prefer, the wood should be resilient, the construction sturdy and the table should age well. If you’re ready to start building your family heirloom, call Maryland Wood Countertops at 443-840-7373.