A handcrafted wood table never goes out of style. It’s something that your family will always cherish. It enhances your home and shows off your personal style. Custom furniture allows you to create something unique that that suits your home and needs.

Adding a Wood Table to Your Kitchen

Beautiful Wood Table in Dining Area

Round wood tables are becoming increasingly popular as secondary eating areas. Many people have dining rooms, but they prefer to eat in the kitchen unless they have guests. Our customers often request small round tables to create a breakfast nook. That way, they can keep the dining table nice for company.

It’s easy to create a breakfast nook. Place your small table by a sunny window. Add some plants and a knickknack shelf. You’ll have the perfect place for brunch with a friend, a quiet place to read or a romantic dining spot.

A round table top immediately gives your kitchen a friendly atmosphere. It’s easier for everyone to talk around a circular table. If you love your kitchen but want to make it feel less formal, consider a small custom table.

Creating Your Custom Table

Many customers come to Maryland Wood Countertops knowing what they want in a table. If you’re not sure, look at our online portfolio.

A call to our design team will get your table project started. Our designers will consult with you, preferably in your home so that they can get a feel for your style. A consultation will help you decide what size and style of table you want. Our design team will then present you with sketches to show you variations on your idea.

When you finalize your table design, it will go to our woodworking team. We’re passionate about giving our clients the highest quality custom wood furniture, so your table won’t be a rush job. We’ll stay in touch with you and return your emails and phone calls promptly.

We have a large inventory of new hardwoods and reclaimed wood. Our most popular hardwood for custom kitchen tables and custom kitchen countertops is walnut. It’s strong, stands up to the heaviest household use and is available in a range of popular natural shades.

White oak is a very good choice for kitchen tables, islands and countertops. If your kitchen is dark and you want to brighten and modernize it, we recommend white oak.

Reclaimed chestnut makes beautiful tables. Chestnut looks wonderful in farmhouse kitchens and adds a charming rustic touch to traditional kitchens.

We have many more wood species in our inventory. Contact us to learn more about our inventory. If you live in the Arbutus, Maryland area, you can schedule a visit to our showroom and see and handle hardwood samples.

Outdoor Dining Tables and Wood Accent Tables

Tables for outdoor entertaining are usually picnic table-style. You can have a weatherproof round table top made from quality hardwood on your deck, patio or in your gazebo. Have you been living with cheap wood or even plastic outdoor furniture? Move up to a wood table for elegant outdoor gatherings.

Round accent tables for the foyer or living room are very trendy. A small custom table is perfect to hold a lamp, fresh flowers or artwork.

Maryland Wood Countertops is waiting to build your perfect custom wood table. Call us today at 443-840-7373.