Wood Plank Countertops Add Beauty to Any KitchenWood plank countertops have become a popular design option in many homes throughout Maryland, Virginia and DC. They are created when boards are placed together with the faces showing. There are many different styles to choose from, depending on the wood, edge, and finish you choose. This type of countertop will end up having a lovely traditional look with the boards all running side-by-side from one end of the countertop to the other. The different grain variations in each piece of wood will give your countertops a natural look that brings remarkable warmth and beauty to your entire kitchen.

Choose the Style Right for You:

  • Pick out your wood type based on strength, color, and your unique preferences
  • Decide on the best edge profile for your needs
  • Choose the best finish for your needs

Choose Strong Wood Plank Countertops

The type of wood that you choose for your wood plank countertops will determine their strength, hardness, and shock resistance. Many types of woods are naturally strong and durable, making them ideal choices. You may be interested in a wood like maple, hickory, or oak if you plan on having a plank countertop that will be able to hold heavy bags of groceries. You can feel good about dropping heavy items on wood versus other countertop materials that might dent or buckle under pressure.

Choose a Wood Color that Stands Out to You

Some woods have a unique coloring that could make them appealing to you. Cherry wood can be a rich red with a light golden tone mixed into it. Hickory wood can be a white color tinged with a little brown or a darker reddish brown color. You can look at many different wood types and choose the one best suited to your tastes. A custom builder can help you find the perfect wood color and style for your unique wood plank countertops.

Pick Out an Edge Profile

The edge of your countertop can really help it to stand out. You may want to choose an Ogee style if you want a fancy or formal looking top. An eased edge or beveled edge can be a more traditional kitchen style, while a flute or cove style can look more noticeable. The right edge profile will depend on exactly what you’re looking for in your kitchen décor.

Decide on a Finish

Your wood plank countertops need to have a quality finish to help them to look their best and stay in great shape. You can pick out a food-grade finish that will allow you to prepare foods directly on it. You can also choose a finish that will help your countertops to be stain-resistant or heat-resistant, depending on your specific needs. A custom builder can talk with you about the advantages of different finishes, from food-safe mineral oil and natural waxes to Tung Oil or varnish.

Different Grain Choices

Different woods have different types of grain variations. You may want a straight grain look, or you may prefer a grain that’s interlocked or curly in appearance. When you want your home to look its best, choose a wood with a grain style that truly gets your attention. A custom countertop is going to be made with all of your unique preferences in mind so that you can get a finished product that you can be proud to own.

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