A custom wood desk brings a unique style to your business or home office. For instance, a wood desk top created from a live edge slab is impressive and practical. Our custom desks bring a clean, artistic element into your office. If you prefer a simple, uncluttered style for your office, you’ll love our live edge desk tops.

Slab Construction Style for a Wood Desk Top

This Wood Desk Top Provides the Perfect Work Area

Live edge slabs comes from the full width of the tree trunk. We preserve the slab’s natural edge to enhance the wood’s appeal. These pieces of lumber are popular for desks, tables and kitchen islands. In fact, we’ve also had clients who wanted a slab wood countertop.

Sitting behind a live edge wood desk top is just as comfortable as a traditional desktop. We normally use a standard eased edge for the side facing you. However, you may prefer a 1/4 inch roundover or a bullnose edge. These are just a few of the many edges you can choose.

Waterfall desks have a wood top and side with metal support for the other side. This gives the desk a clean, open appearance. Clients often place waterfall desks against a wall with the live edge facing out or the metal supports against the wall. You can use your waterfall desk in the center of your office as you would a standard desk.

Wood Desk Top with Metal Support

The professional woodworkers at Maryland Wood Countertops have a great talent for blending wood and metal into artistic furniture. They specialize in crafting striking, sturdy desks and tables that incorporate wood, metal and glass. A wood desk top with metal supports or accents immediately establishes an upscale but accessible atmosphere in a room.

If you use your custom desk in your office, decorating around it is easy with our small custom tables. A pair of glass-topped tables large enough to hold lamps are perfect accessories for your desk. Chrome desk lamps and floor lamps will also accent your desk while maintaining a streamlined room. High-quality leather office chairs will also complement your wood desk top without overpowering it.

Do you plan to use your desk in your living room or den? You might like to consider seating that goes with the desk, like the simple bench seating we designed for an English Walnut Dining Table. The bench has a wood top and steel supports.

Benefits of a Custom Wood Desk Top

Traditional desks are bulky and make cleaning difficult. A waterfall desk makes vacuuming and dusting quick and easy, keeping your work environment neat.

A custom wooden desk makes a perfect gift for a college student or new businessperson. It’s also a unique gift for new homeowners. Our waterfall desks make ideal computer desks. When not being used for work, our desks can double as accent tables.

Designing a custom desk for yourself or a loved one is easy when you work with our award-winning design team. Our designers will schedule a consultation with you at your home or office. They’ll use your practical needs, style and hardwood preferences to design your perfect desk.

A wood desk is one of many office solutions we can provide. For your next wood project, call Maryland Wood Countertops at 443-840-7373.