At Maryland Wood Countertops, we have a large inventory of new and reclaimed lumber for your solid wood table top. Our woodworkers prefer to use certain woods for tabletops, but the final choice is yours. Consulting with our design team will help you understand more about which hardwood is best for your table top.

Custom Kitchen Tables

  • Solid Wood Table Top Brings Room TogetherWhat wood species have you used for kitchen tables?
  • What style of base can I have for my table?
  • Are your kitchen tables waterproof?

We build traditional kitchen tables, nesting tables or whatever table style you need. For instance, we designed a white oak solid wood table top for a customer who already had bases. The pale, white oak table top with a simple plank style looks perfect on the decorative white bases.

Small Solid Wood Table Top

Some clients want small tables that fit against their kitchen island. This pulls the meal preparation surface and eating area together in a traditional way. This is the perfect solution if you don’t want to eat at your island.

In our small tables gallery, you can see two small kitchen nesting tables. One is warm brown walnut, square, and looks right at home with the marble in the client’s kitchen.

The other kitchen nesting table is made of a honey-colored reclaimed walnut. It’s circular, with one side cut to hug the client’s rounded wood island. Our craftspeople cut the template for the tabletop in the client’s home. That’s the type of professional workmanship you can expect when you choose us to build your custom table top.

The Versatility of a Solid Wood Table Top

We’ve used maple, chestnut and even tigerwood to build household tables for different purposes. Almost any wood species suitable for kitchen countertops and islands will work for your solid wood table top. Reclaimed wood is also suitable for custom kitchen tables.

You select the base style for your table. We can build a traditional base with legs, a pillar-style base for a round table or picnic table-style cross bar legs for a casual table.

Unless you request a food-safe finish, we finish kitchen table tops with a waterproof finish to protect against spills. If you want to place food directly on your table for preparation, just let us know.

Hardwood Species for the Modern Kitchen

We’ve worked with many clients who have modern style homes. Some clients ask for suggestions to add a warm element to a kitchen with stone surfaces and stainless steel appliances. A solid wood table top is the perfect solution.

The right hardwood keeps modern kitchens from feeling impersonal. Wenge is a dark exotic hardwood. Depending on the finish and whether you choose heartwood or sapwood, wenge can appear almost black. It can also have prominent tiger-orange stripes.

Tigerwood is another option for modern kitchens. It works with stainless steel, stone and even black tile. It’s the perfect choice if you love to entertain and want to brighten your kitchen.

Will a Reclaimed Solid Wood Table Top Work?

We work with reclaimed pine, oak and chestnut. All three can be prepared and finished for kitchen use. We rigorously inspect every piece of salvaged wood for metal scraps and weak areas. Reclaimed wood can be sanded smooth and finished without losing its natural distressed appearance.

There’s a place for reclaimed wood in every home, regardless of style. A reclaimed wood kitchen table makes a stylish statement and saves wood salvaged from historic buildings from the trash stream.

At Maryland Wood Countertops, our inventory changes day to day. However, the woods mentioned here are some of our most popular and likely to be in stock. If they’re not, we can use our vast resources to find the perfect species for your wood table top.

To reserve the perfect wood for your solid wood table to, call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373.