A Slab Wood Countertop Adds Character to a White KitchenThere’s nothing quite like the beauty of a single slab wood countertop. This style is unique since it’s made from one large slab of wood with many natural characteristics. When you want to have a countertop created for you that will be breathtakingly beautiful and truly one-of-a-kind, a custom builder can make sure this type of product meets all of your needs. A single slab countertop offers many advantages to anyone looking for a stylish new countertop that will add genuine beauty and true value to any home.

Why Should You Choose a Single Slab Wood Countertop?

  • Natural and warm look
  • Unique live edge
  • Variety of wood species
  • Easy to maintain

Give Your Home a Natural Warmth

When you want to bring the beauty of nature inside of your home, a single slab wood countertop will be an excellent choice. This type of countertop is going to help your home look more inviting, and you will be able to enjoy having a top that you have chosen specifically. You can pick out your new slab top from many different species, sizes, and shapes, and custom artisans will be able to turn it into a functional masterpiece for your home.

Imagine Having a Live Edge Countertop

A live edge countertop has its natural edges incorporated into the design process. When you choose a single slab wood countertop, it will have a natural and exclusive edge to it that will help it to stand out. A live edge is going to be unlike any other type of edge that you can have. When you want a countertop that will be the focal point of your kitchen, talk with custom builders about the advantages of a single slab choice.

Single Slab Countertops Will Have Unique Characteristics

Many single slab options will be made of gnarly wood with special characteristics that help it to stand out. Choose a wood slab that appeals to you, and enjoy knowing that it will be turned into a quality countertop that you can enjoy using now and in the future.

Pick a Wood Species that Will Meet Your Needs

You can find a wood slab from just about any type of wood species available. You might be interested in American Cherry or English Walnut. Maple or Red or White Oak are also excellent options. You can easily find a wood species that has the color, strength, and other characteristics that you will be able to appreciate for a long time to come.

Single Slab Countertops Will Last

A single slab option will last for a long time since it can be cleaned and cared for easily. The right slab will gain character if it gets a few light scratches on it over time, but it can also be refinished if it gets too many deep scratches or dents in it. This type of material doesn’t have to be replaced (unlike so many other building materials). Instead, you can have it sanded down and oiled for a new look.

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