Creating ambiance is vital to your restaurant’s success. Hopefully, you know that it doesn’t make good financial sense to keep replacing cheap tables. Repairing poor quality countertops wastes money and shuts down your kitchen and bar every time you need to maintain them. When you start with high-quality wood restaurant table tops, you actually save money.

Designing or Redecorating Your Restaurant with Wood

We Create Beautiful, Durable Restaurant Table Tops Made of WoodThere are many design options available when you choose hardwood surfaces for your restaurant. You can choose reclaimed wood for authentic bar and pub tables. You can also go with new hardwood for your restaurant table tops for a sleek, modern look. Our design team will work with you to create stylish custom wood furnishings for your business.

Real wood restaurant table tops immediately impress your customers and set your business apart from others. No one likes to eat at a cheap table with stains and damaged edges, especially if it’s for a special occasion.

Wood is an investment in your restaurant that stands the test of time. It never goes out of style, and it increases the value of your business.

Wood Restaurant Table Tops

  • Is wood suitable for a restaurant with heavy traffic?
  • Will my staff have to spend extra time cleaning wood tables?
  • How can I keep my wood restaurant tables looking good?

Antique wood pub tables—and even bars—are still in existence and still serviceable. We like to use the word “resilient” to describe wood furnishings, especially in dining and kitchen areas. We even use salvaged wood (also called reclaimed wood) to build new kitchen surfaces. It’s strong enough to withstand constant daily use.

We use a waterproof finish on wood restaurant tables. While it doesn’t prevent water rings, it does protect the wood from the average spill. Wiping down the table and drying it thoroughly after each customer will reduce the chance of water rings. Since chemical kitchen cleaners aren’t appropriate for wood, using soap and water actually saves time and money.

Wood ages well, generally developing a patina over time. Dings and scratches give it character, but actual damage like chips or cut marks can usually be sanded out and refinished. A high-quality hardwood table top with distinct age marks is appealing and makes your customers feel relaxed.

Types of Wood for Restaurant Tables and Bars

Wood species used for restaurant tables should be hard and shock-resistant. An exceptionally strong hardwood doesn’t have to be dark. We’ve used light ash-brown and golden hickory for restaurant tables and bar tops. Hickory is a great choice for a bar because it’s unlikely to be damaged by heavy barware.

Walnut is stiff and heavy. It ranges in color from amber to chocolate brown. We recommend walnut if you want a substantial hardwood that’s available in neutral shades.

Reclaimed pine and oak are classic choices for restaurant tables and bars. They’re both durable and hard. If you’re looking for dark woods to give your old-fashioned restaurant or pub authenticity, we recommend reclaimed oak and pine.

Wood Countertops in Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

Wood commercial kitchen countertops increase your kitchen staff’s efficiency. A long butcher block island gives your cook staff more room to work and move. This results in quicker meal preparation, fewer accidents and less stress in the kitchen.

You can see examples of our restaurant table tops on our site. Working with Maryland Wood Countertops ensures your project will be unique and designed to your specifications. Call us at 443-840-7373 to schedule a consultation.