A rustic reclaimed wood kitchen island is the hot new kitchen trend. Reclaimed lumber is ideal for kitchen islands. Salvaged wood makes a gorgeous eating surface or kitchen bar.

Your Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island

  • How can you make salvaged wood into a kitchen island?
  • Are reclaimed hardwoods safe for my family?
  • Do I have to take extra care of a wood island top built from reclaimed hardwoods?

Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Island Adds Nice Touch to a Modern KitchenOld wood is stronger than the majority of new lumber. Salvaged or reclaimed wood often comes from trees in virgin forests. The strength of that old wood enabled settlers to build solid, warm dwellings for their families and their livestock.

We find most of our reclaimed lumber in old Maryland barns and the surrounding states. Interior barn wood, especially wood from roof beams, is often in great shape. It’s straight, and our woodworkers can mill one beam to provide multiple matching lumber pieces.

Our craftspeople are experts in working with reclaimed lumber. They know how to select the finest pieces of salvaged wood. They inspect each piece visually and with a metal detector to make sure that no metal remains from the wood’s former use.

We can finish reclaimed lumber to preserve its unique distress marks while restoring it to its original rustic beauty. We built a large, fully-functional kitchen island from a beam that survived a warehouse fire.

Reclaimed lumber makes beautiful, safe eating surfaces. We provide a waterproof finish to protect the wood from spills. Because reclaimed hardwoods are stronger than new lumber, they can easily stand up to daily household use.

Kitchen Island Specifics

  • What reclaimed hardwoods do you have available?
  • Will a rustic reclaimed wood kitchen island top work in any style home?
  • Can I add amenities to my custom island?

Pine, chestnut and oak are the easiest reclaimed woods to locate and salvage. All three are strong, stiff and resilient. Most reclaimed hardwoods have survived decades or more than a century of use.

Some of our reclaimed lumber came from general store counters and even kitchen counters in abandoned houses. Due to the demand for reclaimed wood, our inventory changes from day to day. Call us to find out what we have available and what we have on our radar.

A rustic wood kitchen island lends itself to almost any decor. Reclaimed hardwoods look lovely when combined with tile, stone surfaces and stone floors. Reclaimed woods add authenticity to farmhouse kitchens and bring a warm and welcoming touch to contemporary kitchens.

Sinks, waste holes and range tops will all work in a rustic wood island top. You have the same construction style options that you do with any other kitchen island.

The Appeal of Reclaimed Hardwood

Reclaimed hardwoods work for people who love the beauty of wood and having a piece of history in their home. Your family and guests will appreciate the prominent grain, knotholes and marks of age present in old hardwood. They’ll also love the history behind it.

Call Maryland Wood Countertops at 443-840-7373 to find out what reclaimed wood is in our inventory. If we don’t have what you want in stock, we’ll use our vast resources to find it for you.