A coffee table is more than just a useful piece of furniture. It’s one of the first things your guests see. A reclaimed wood coffee table shows that you have discriminating taste. It also shows that you’re environmentally conscious.

Where Do You Find Wood for a Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table?

Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Coffee TableAt Maryland Wood Countertops, we salvage wood from many places. We find a significant portion of our reclaimed wood in old barns. Barns are excellent sources for distressed wood.

Wood from interior barn walls is great for distressed coffee tables. It has interesting marks like nail and hinge holes. These markings hint at your custom coffee table’s history and are definitely conversation starters.

Closed businesses are another good source for reclaimed wood. We’ve salvaged wood from old store counters for table pieces. Abandoned houses supply particularly fine wood. We also find wood at old breweries, wineries and shipyards.

The most readily available reclaimed wood species in our area are:

We can tell you where we salvaged the wood we used to build your coffee table. Our clients love owning a piece of history.

Is a Reclaimed Coffee Table Safe?

Our woodworkers are meticulous about inspecting every piece of salvaged wood. In addition to visual inspections, we go over the wood with a metal detector. This ensures there are no hidden pieces of nails or screws. Wormholes may be present in reclaimed wood, but we make certain that there’s no existing insect infestation.

Old wood is sturdy and shock resistant. That’s because the oldest trees produce the hardest wood. The resilience of reclaimed wood is one of its benefits. We’ll finish your coffee table so that the wood retains its character while being safe for family and pets.

Can I Have a Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table in Any Style?

At Maryland Wood Countertops, the wood construction style is up to you. Our design team will help you choose or refine a style.

Many people immediately think “rustic” when they think about reclaimed wood. While salvaged wood is the best choice for a rustic living room, den or man cave, it also works in traditional and modern homes.

Our woodworkers are pros at combining wood, metal and glass into functional art pieces. For instance, a coffee table with a reclaimed wood base and glass top would look spectacular in any home. A table with a wood top and metal legs is perfect for a modern home. In fact, we recently designed a small oak burl table top for one of our clients.

Why Should I Choose a Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table?

Choosing reclaimed wood for your coffee table is a bold style decision. It’s also environmentally responsible. Too much wood goes into the waste stream. We believe in salvaging every usable piece of wood and putting it to good use.

Your reclaimed wood table may be relatively small, but every piece of wood we salvage is important. A recycled wood coffee table promotes a green lifestyle. Your choice can inspire your family and friends to select reclaimed wood for their custom furniture.

Salvaged wood is also important from a historical perspective. Many historic barns and homes are abandoned to the elements. We believe this needs to change. You can help with that change by using reclaimed wood for your coffee table and saving a piece of history.

While reclaimed wood is a popular material for coffee tables, we have an array of wood species to choose from. Visit our showroom or call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373.