Reclaimed Wood Bar Against City Backdrop

A reclaimed wood bar will look amazing and provide the perfect place to make and serve drinks. With its unmatched beauty and character, reclaimed wood is both reliable and beautiful, since it was cut from trees that were hundreds of years old instead of first generation trees. Maryland Wood Countertop’s experienced woodworkers can make your bar the focal point of any room.

A reclaimed wood bar offers:

  • Eco-friendly options
  • History with every design
  • Unique pieces that will make your home memorable
  • A quick and easy way to raise your home’s value
  • A rare wood to incorporate into your home design

Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood Bar Options

One positive of a reclaimed wood bar is its eco-friendly design. Instead of cutting new lumber to build your bar countertops, you can use lumber salvaged from old barns and other structures. This creates an environmentally responsible option to help the world around us.

Every Inch of Wood Has History

When you choose reclaimed wood for your bar top, you’ll add a piece of history to your home. We re-use wood from old homes, barns and office spaces. Thanks to its strength, it can now become a historical piece for your home.

Unique Pieces

When you want your home to stand out, custom pieces can be a small way to make a big stylistic statement. When you go with a reclaimed wood bar, you’re getting a piece of wood that has already stood the test of time. From nail holes to wormholes, its imperfections provide character and beauty unlike anything you can get from new wood. Your piece will be truly unique and have many distinctive markings, making it a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Raise the Value of Your Home with a Reclaimed Wood Bar

By adding a new bar top to your property, you’ll raise its property value. Your updated kitchen becomes a selling point if you ever decide to move out of your home. A reclaimed wood bar is a wonderful way to enhance your home’s appearance, and could also give you more functional space. It’s a great investment for the present and the future.

Incorporate Rare Woods into Your Home

Sometimes older buildings were made with rare woods. You can still add these woods to your home if you decide to go with a reclaimed wood style. Examples of popular options include:

Whether you go with an antique heart pine or a slow-grown oak, you can enjoy adding a new style to your home from old woods that have a lot of charm.

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Maryland Wood Countertops can design and build a reclaimed wood bar for your home that will stand out. We offer many wood design options to give you a beautiful and functional bar that you will be able to enjoy for a long time to come. Our professional designers and woodworkers look forward to listening to your ideas and turning them into a reality.

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