At Maryland Wood Countertops, we use reclaimed barn wood for a variety of projects, including countertops, furnishings and accent walls. Reclaimed wood takes artistic style up a notch in any area of the house.

Why is Reclaimed Barn Wood Unique?

Distressed Reclaimed Barn Wood

  • Readily Available
  • Variety of Species
  • Natural Distressed Appearance
  • Sturdier than New Lumber

There are many barns in the area, some of them unused or abandoned, that are more than a century old. We’ve salvaged wood from barns being torn down just because the owners had no use for them. That barn wood includes roof beams, flooring, walls and wood from haylofts and stalls. When a client wants a piece with few signs of use, we use roof beams. If you want something with a lot of character, we’ll use a piece from a work area.

Reclaimed wood is stronger than recently harvested wood because it came from very old trees. Old barn wood has been through a lot of hard use and survived. Its history is part of what makes it beautiful and desirable. Its unique, rustic quality makes it highly sought after wood for artistic pieces.

Barn Wood Countertops

We usually work with reclaimed chestnut, oak and pine. We frequently use reclaimed chestnut in kitchen projects. It’s usually a neutral gold brown, but can be bright amber. Chestnut brings warmth to your kitchen, and every piece has knotholes and a dramatic grain.

Reclaimed oak runs the spectrum from pale, almost white, to dark brown. It has a rustic character.

Some reclaimed pine came from trees as much as 500 years old. It can be medium brown, dark or reddish brown. It has an appealing grain.

When they’re finished, our professional woodworkers sand the imperfections, giving your new barn wood countertop the perfect look. They make the simplest tableware seem elegant. You don’t need a lot of decor because the wood is art.

Barn Wood Furnishings

Using reclaimed barn wood can make the simplest table a rom’s new centerpiece. People love to touch reclaimed wood. Its imperfections tell a story, its unique texture allows you to feel the history.

Reclaimed wood tables are perfect if you need something that’s simple but makes a statement for an entryway or living room. Hall tables and coffee tables made from reclaimed wood provide beauty and functionality. They add texture and visual interest into any space.

Barn Wood Accents

Reclaimed barn wood accent walls are very trendy. Boards can be similar shades or vary dramatically. We can put them together at random or in a pattern. Accent walls are most popular behind the bed in the master bedroom.

Barn wood timbers make beautiful mantels. A reclaimed wood mantel typically has many imperfections that make it fascinating with amongst minimal decor. Wrap around and floating mantels can add a visual spark to your fireplace.

Reclaimed barn wood makes box beams look authentic, like the rough beams in a log cabin. They’re an amazing functional artistic accent, giving the illusion of lower high ceilings. They’re also used in the kitchen to hold pots, pans and utensils.

Regardless of how you use reclaimed wood in your home, it will add timeworn beauty and a historical ambiance. For an array of reclaimed wood solutions, call Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373.