Oak has always been a quality choice for tables and countertops. An oak table top is tough enough for heavy household use. Due to its resilience, oak makes a great material for commercial bar tops.

Oak: Species and Color Variations

People unaware of oak’s versatility generally ask the following questions:

  • Is all oak furniture dark brown? Can I get oak in a light shade?
  • What’s the difference between sapwood and heartwood?
  • Do you have red oak and white oak in your inventory?

Living Room Benefitting from the Addition of an Oak Table TopMany customers are surprised to learn that an oak table top can be pale, almost white, or light golden brown. They usually imagine heavy, dark furniture when they think about oak. Most of our oak custom furnishings range from almost white to a warm golden brown.

Heartwood is the wood at the center of a tree. It’s dark and lightens as the tree grows in circumference. The outer layers are sapwood, which is often used for very light oak pieces.

Our new oak inventory is primarily white oak. If you’d like a red oak table top or darker brown oak, you may be interested in our reclaimed oak inventory.

Reclaimed Oak

Reclaimed wood is a popular choice for all household furnishings and accents. Maryland Wood Countertop’s custom builders use wood salvaged from barns, commercial buildings and even older homes. Most of our reclaimed wood comes from abandoned barns in Maryland and surrounding states.

Reclaimed oak is ideal for living room tables and custom kitchen tables. It’s stronger than newly harvested oak because it comes from old-growth trees. We inspect all reclaimed wood multiple times and use metal detectors to find any hidden metal from old hardware. Our woodworkers will make sure that your reclaimed oak table top has no rough or sharp areas.

Due to the expenses incurred in locating, salvaging and preparing reclaimed wood, it typically costs more than new hardwoods. Contact us for information about our current inventory.

Why Choose an Oak Table Top for the Living Room?

A custom oak coffee table will enhance your living room’s beauty and make it more family and guest friendly. Oak is one of the sturdiest hardwoods you can choose for your coffee table. It’s hard and resistant to child and pet damage. It’s also the best wood table top if you entertain around your coffee table.

Many people entertain in their living rooms. Most coffee tables aren’t designed to do double duty as bar tops. If your old living room table is too small and isn’t made of solid hardwood, consider a custom table.

Do you like to have neighbors over to watch sporting events or movies? Does your family eat dinner in your living room? You need table top built for entertaining.

Oak is the go-to heavy duty wood. It can handle heavy dishes and barware while retaining its style and beauty. Reclaimed oak may be your best choice if you expect your coffee table to acquire a few dents and dings. Reclaimed wood already has distinctive wear marks.

White oak is your best bet for a classic but tough living room table. We treat coffee table tops with a waterproof finish. However, you should still use coasters and dry spills as soon as possible. Damage to oak coffee tables can usually be sanded out and the table refinished.

Choosing Maryland Wood Countertops ensures your oak living room table will stand the test of time and become a family heirloom. Call us at 443-840-7373 to discuss oak custom tables for your living room.