Maryland Wood Countertops wants to show you how beautiful live edge wood choices can be. Your unique piece will be the fist thing that people notice when they walk into your kitchen, living room or bathroom. Whether you’re going for a whimsical look or charming rustic appeal, we’ll make sure that your new piece fits your needs.

Benefits of Live Edge Wood from Maryland Wood Countertops:

  • Beautiful Live Edge WoodYou can pick out the slab you want for your home
  • Natural imperfections will add a unique touch to your countertops
  • They’ll give your home an instant upgrade
  • All of our material is made to last
  • We offer an array of wood species that fit your needs

Choose the Slab that Appeals to You

At Maryland Wood Countertops, we have a multitude of slabs to choose from. Your builder can incorporate that specific slab into your countertop design. Whether you need just one slab or want to use bookmatching techniques, we can make sure that your countertop will look like a piece of art.

Natural Beauty

Live edge wood slabs will be made out of gnarly wood with imperfections. These imperfections will help bring charm and character to your lovely countertops. The right wood construction style can help any room to look its best. A live edge style will be a winning choice if you want to have an alluring home.

Get Noticed

Live edge styles will be sure to get noticed. These style incorporate the natural edge of the wood into beautiful designs that can be whimsical or creative looking. Your countertops will never be considered boring if you choose to go with this bold and distinctive style.

Upgrade Your Home

By choosing to have custom countertops made out of reliable wood materials, you can upgrade the look and value of your home. A kitchen or bathroom remodel will add functionality to your home while also raising its resale value.

Long Lasting Choices

As long as you take care of them, a live edge countertop will last for a long time. Simply wipe up spills and keep a protective finish on these tops. If you notice scratches or dents appearing in them over a period of time, you may like the look. If not, you can sand them down and refinish them so that they’ll look as good as they did when they were first installed.

Choose Your Wood Species

At Maryland Wood Countertops, we offer a vast selection of wood species, including:

Play a Part in the Design Process

There are many different slab wood countertop choices available. You can have fun choosing the perfect slab—or slabs—to meet your unique needs. A live edge wood top will make a great impression on anyone who steps into your residence, and you can enjoy playing a part in its overall design process. Bragging rights will be yours when your countertop is completed to your specifications.

Live Edge Styles

Your live edge style will be visually attractive, but also extremely functional. You can eat on your countertop, prepare food on it, and much more.

Contact Us

Maryland Wood Countertops can help you to have a stunning look live edge countertop in your home. We pay attention to the details so that your project will turn out just right. Give us a call today at 443-840-7373 to learn more about our services.