Choosing custom wood countertops adds more than just beauty and elegance to your kitchen or bathroom. They’re also an investment in your home. In fact, wood countertops add value that never decreases.

Choosing the Right Builders for Your Custom Wood Countertops

Custom Wood Countertops Complement a Modern KitchenWhen you’re considering solid wood countertops, make sure you work with established professionals with testimonials to back up their claims. Ideally, the craftspeople you choose will have experience working with various woods and construction styles. You should also be able to meet with designers to create a countertop that incorporates your ideas. Lastly, don’t settle for a company or big-box retail chain that takes your business for granted and doesn’t return phone calls.

When you choose Maryland Wood Countertops to build your countertops, you’re choosing an industry leader in the woodworking business. We have an award-winning design team and craftspeople with years of experience. We’ll never leave you wondering about that status of your project.

If you’re concerned about the effect of logging on the environment, you’re not alone: so are we. That’s why we’re so invested in urban logging, using trees cut down during construction projects. We’re well known for our reclaimed wood projects in various areas of the house, including kitchens.

Custom Wood Countertops for the Kitchen

At Maryland Wood Countertops, we have a large inventory of traditional, exotic and reclaimed hardwoods. If we don’t have what you want in stock, we’ll find it using our vast industry resources.

Pale, pure maple countertops look wonderful in a farmhouse kitchen and makes small kitchens look bigger. Maple is a great choice, especially if you want to paint your counters and cabinets. It also complements darker wood floors.

The cherry trend has moved from the living room into the kitchen recently. Cherry countertops are popular because they add stylistic warmth and make a bold statement.

Walnut is a perennial favorite for solid wood kitchen countertops. It can be lustrous golden brown or even look black in the right lighting.

Oak also blends well with other woods. It’s great if you want hard, durable surface. A white oak island perfect is a perfect complement to stone surfaces. For instance, see our White Oak Breakfast Bar on our Projects by Wood Species-Oak.

Custom Wood Countertops for the Bathroom

While many homeowners associate solid wood countertops as solely for the kitchen, bathroom wood tops are increasing in popularity. At Maryland Wood Countertops, we can add Waterlox, a water, stain and heat-resistant finish. Wood bathroom countertops add warmth to a modern-looking bathroom with tile and enamel.

Basin sinks are also very popular and look especially flattering on a solid wood surface. If you have a restored farmhouse, historic or waterfront home, wood bathroom countertops add authenticity to your ambiance. Wood also accentuates antique bathroom hardware.

Why Wood is the Superior Countertop Choice

Wood is adds timeless appeal and value to your home. It’s also a resilient, forgiving surface. If you drop a cast iron pan on a granite countertop, you’re looking at an expensive repair. Wood may not even dent. If you spill red wine on tile, you’re going to have to re-grout. Wood rarely stains. Burn marks can even be sanded away.

If you need solid wood countertops, your one and only destination should be Maryland Wood Countertops. Call us today at 443-840-7373 to discuss your next home project.