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Choose your shape

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  • Rectangle

  • L Shape

  • U Shape

  • Circle/Ellipse

This is our most popular and most cost-effective shape. Miter or butt seams require additional joinery of floating tenons and countertop bolts.

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L shaped wood islands or countertops provide larger surface area for food preparation, casual dining, or buffet style dinner service and commonly have an undermount sink in their design. Fun Fact: Our most popular wood species for L shaped counter tops is Black Walnut.

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U shaped wood islands provide a tremendous amount of surface area for food preparation or casual dining and are found in larger kitchens. They almost always have an undermount sink in their design. Fun Fact: Our most popular wood species for U shaped counter tops are Black Walnut, Sapele and Maple. U shape is 400 additional charge for having two joints vs the one for Lucy shape.

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A circle/ellipse shape is ideal for larger rooms and/or barstools at the island. It is also an excellent option for upgrading top. Tops that are less than 1.5" thick with 10" of overhang or greater must have support rods. Tops that are greater than 1.5" thick with 12" of overhang or greater must have support rods.

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Type of Wood

Our countertops can be constructed using a variety of wood species. Choose a single species for a sleek and simple look or multiple species for added design elements and complexity.

Almost all hardwood species are suitable for countertops, so if you have something in mind that you don't see here, please contact us. We are happy to work with you to find the best wood for your project. The following are woods we frequently use:

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  • American Cherry

  • Ash

  • Brazilian Cherry

  • Elm

  • Hickory

  • Maple

  • Oak

  • Reclaimed Chestnut

  • Reclaimed Oak

  • Reclaimed Pine

  • Sapele Mahogany

  • Thermally Modified Lumber

  • Tigerwood

  • Walnut

  • Wenge

Construction Style and Thickness

Plank/Face Construction

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  • Flat construction or Premium Wide plank is made by using the face of several boards which shows the figure and color from board to board. This is the common look seen in furniture.  The style lends itself well to all countertops and offers the least expensive construction style.  Premium wide plank can cost additional pending wood species.  
    Common thickness is 1" - 2"

  • Edge construction is made up of several strips of wood ripped from larger boards and turned on their sides.  The edge of a board is harder then face of the board.  This offers additional protection to everyday wear and tear.  Edge Construction is commonly referred to as "butcher block" similar to END construction but because of less waste and easier building process the cost is less but functionality is similar.  
    Common thickness ranges from 1.5" to 4"

  • BookMatch Slabs & Solid slabs work great for kitchen islands, bars or tables.  These pieces are made from full width tree slabs.  Due to the uniqueness and rarity of each piece this can be one of the most expensive options however it offers the most dramatic finish look.  
    Common thickness ranges 1.25" - 3"

  • End construction makes for a very hard surface for food preparation. Some refer to this construction method as "butcher block" or "checker board".  There are hundreds of different pieces of wood that make up each top. This along with the amount of wood waste needed to build makes it one of the most expensive construction options.  
    Common thickness is 2" - 4"

Please select thickness

Type of Finish

Maryland Wood Countertops uses three finishing products on our countertops and furniture. All finishes have ingredients that are safe for food contact. The type of finish you choose will depend on how you will use your countertop or furniture. The primary consideration is whether the piece will be used as a cutting surface or if it needs to be waterproof, heat-resistant and stain-resistant. Waterlox® is a high grade furniture finish that enhances the look of the wood, whereas Howard's offers a functional finish used for cutting surfaces. General Finishes Arm-R-Seal is an oil and urethane topcoat and can be used on furniture, cabinets, millwork and tables.

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  • Howards Butcher Block Conditioner

    Howard Butcher Block Conditioner is a combination of food grade mineral oil and natural waxes that provide care and protection for butcher blocks and other cutting surfaces. It is recommended for countertops that will be used for cutting, butcher blocks, and cutting boards. The blend of mineral oil and natural waxes prevents drying and cracking of hardwood and bamboo and can help repair knife marks. Keep in mind that this finish should be reapplied often to maintain effectiveness.
  • Waterlox

    Waterlox® is a tung oil based permanent finish that stands up to hard daily use. It is recommended as a permanent finish on non-cutting surfaces. Thus, it is ideal for countertops around sinks and stoves, bar tops, tabletops, and other pieces of furniture. It is waterproof, heat- and stain-resistant and gives a rich, hand-applied appearance. The finish seals wood fibers beneath the surface and will not chip, peel, or crack. Waterlox® finishes are available in satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss. All pieces that are treated with Waterlox® receive a minimum of four coats on the visible side (the top) and three coats on sides that are not visible, though six coats are typical for tops with cut-outs for sinks or cooktops, or for satin-finish tops.
  • Arm-R-Seal

    Arm-R-Seal is a durable varnish that provides deep penetration into the wood and completes a hard, tough and virtually natural-looking piece that is resistant to household chemicals, water and mar. Arm-R-Seal has a warm amber appearance but is applied and keeps the wood as natural looking as possible. Arm-R-Seal may be applied over fully cured water base, oil base and Danish Oil stains or over bare wood (keep in mind that Maryland Wood Countertops will only stain white oak).

Sink, Stove and Faucet Cutouts

To select, please click on an option. You may select all, some, or none of the options.

  • Undermount/farmhouse Sinks

    Undermount Sinks are the most popular style of sinks we make cutouts for. These sinks are mounted directly under the surface of the countertop. The edge of the wood countertop is exposed at the hole created for the sink and is carefully finished.

    Number of Undermount sinks:
  • Above Mount/Self Rimming Sinks

    Self rimming sinks (also called drop-in sinks) sit in a roughly cut hole and have a rim that rests directly on top of the countertop. Even though the cutout for this type of sink is not visible, it is fully finished.

    Number of Above mount sinks:
  • Vessel Sinks

    Vessel sinks are free-standing sinks that sit directly on the surface of the wood countertop. These sinks are popular options for bathroom vanity tops.

    Number of Vessel sinks:
  • Cooktop

    Cooktops are set into countertops and surrounded on all four sides. The knobs and cooking controls are on top of the appliance, not facing outward like the knobs on rangetops. Parents of young children often prefer this setup, because it puts the burner controls out of reach of their youngster's curious hands.

    Number of Cooktops:

Grain Direction

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  • Parallel Grain Direction

  • Perpendicular Grain Direction

Edge Type

When customizing your countertop or piece of furniture there are limitless edge profiles from which you can choose. Some of the most common edge profiles are shown below. These profiles are simply to give you an idea of what is possible, but if there is another edge you have in mind, or an idea you have for your piece, we are happy to incorporate it.

To select, please click on an option. You may select one option.

  • Eased Edge

  • 1/4" Roundover

  • Back Bevel

  • Bullnose

  • Cove

  • Flute

  • Live Edge

  • Chamfer

  • Classical Cove Bead

  • Cove + Fillet

  • Ogee

  • Tabletop Classic

  • Convex

  • Deco Edge 03

  • Deco Edge 05

  • Special Request

Edges to Apply

Please select the edge(s) to apply the edge profile to

Edges to apply to:

Special Options

To select, please click on an option. You may select all, some, or none of the options.

  • Burnt Finish

    For a dazzling but natural look, a burnt finish is the way to go. We burn the wood to expose the grain, creating a dynamic look that will "wow" guests.
  • Routed in drain slots

    Nothing is more annoying than moisture collecting on your wood countertop. You can choose between flat or sloped routed-in drain slots for more effective drainage.
  • Stainless Trivet rods

    Keep your food hot and your countertop cool with our stainless steel trivet rods. Extending a 1/4" from the countertop and designed to cover a square foot of counter space, they're also easily removable for cleaning.

Additional Options

  • Templating

    Maryland Wood Countertops offers a full service, in house template of any countertop project. Once your base cabinets or supports are in place and we have received a 50% deposit for your job, we will come to your house and measure them to ensure that the countertop that we build is going to fit.

    * Templating is not required for tabletops that are not intended for tight spaces.

    When we get the project to the final location, we will install the top where it is templated for. If we do not template for your project, we will not install it*. Upon delivery, installation or in-shop pick-up, we require the final 50% of the payment for the project.


  • Currently lead times are approx 3 weeks.

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