Make Your Aging Kitchen Contemporary with Wood CountertopsAre you considering a complete kitchen renovation? Replacing your old countertops with new wood countertops instead is an excellent way to bring a contemporary feeling to your older kitchen. Installing wood countertops adds beauty and value to your home without the expense and inconvenience of renovating your kitchen.

Make Your Aging Kitchen Contemporary with Wood Countertops

Custom wood tops for your old counters will make your kitchen stylish again. You loved your kitchen when you moved into your house, but now it seems dull and dated. It doesn’t feel like the room where you had long, relaxed family dinners and entertained guests. Get your family back around the table and get back into entertaining with gorgeous hardwood tops for your counters.

We have popular and exotic hardwoods and reclaimed wood for your wood tops. If you have a traditional or classic style kitchen, consider walnut. Walnut has a range of shades from gold to amber to chocolate. It’s great for both butcher block wood tops or standard countertops and is ideal for a kitchen island top if you want to expand the eating space in your older kitchen.

Sapele mahogany is wonderful for wood tops for breakfast bars and kitchen islands. Its reddish brown color and slightly wavy grain make handsome countertops with a natural warm glow. Sapele mahogany is one of the hardwoods we recommend for surfaces containing a sink. It blends well with your hardwood floors and complements standard or stainless steel appliances.

Maple is perfect if you want to lighten up a dark kitchen. Maple ranges from tawny light brown to golden brown and seems to reflect light. It’s a good choice for wood tops for your counters if you like to paint your cabinets in bold contemporary colors. Maple will brighten the room, pull all your kitchen elements together and is a good hardwood for butcher block surfaces.

Make Your Aging Kitchen Convenient with Custom Wood Countertops

If you love to cook and don’t have a butcher block wood top in your kitchen, you’re missing out on a real convenience. Butcher block made from real hardwood is bacteria-resistant and safe for cutting both vegetables and meats. With a butcher block countertop or inset, you’ll have more space for preparing those complicated recipes, and you won’t have to waste time looking for one cutting board for meat and another for vegetables. Butcher block will add visual interest as well as convenience to your kitchen.

Waste holes are another must-have for avid cooks. A waste hole in your wood top means you can just brush vegetable scraps and crumbs straight into the garbage can under your counter. You won’t have to drag a trash can to the counter or clean up drips on the floor with a waste hole right at hand.

Make Updating Your Aging Kitchen Simple with Wood Countertops

You don’t have to worry about the weeks of inconvenience involved in a kitchen renovation when you choose to update with contemporary wood tops. We’ll measure your kitchen, make templates, do the work off-site and then install your custom countertops. We’ll be happy to talk to you via phone or in person about how we work and what to expect when you commission custom wood tops.

You get to customize new wood tops for your counters to meet your cooking and comfort needs. Our award-winning design team is ready to work with you to create wood countertops that will make cooking a pleasure instead of a chore. You can have a contemporary kitchen sooner than you think.

Add an upscale touch to your dated kitchen. Contact Maryland Wood Countertops today at 443-840-7373 to get started transforming your aging kitchen into a stylish showplace.